Margaret Cooper

Margaret Cooper has had a lifelong passion for Yoga so, 15 years ago, she qualified as a teacher with The British School of Yoga and realised her ambition to be able to confidently pass on her knowledge to others.

Margaret started practicing yoga in her teens. Now at the age of 67, she is living testament that regular yoga can help to keep you fit, flexible and feeling young.

Yoga for over fifties in Biggin Hill and tatsfield


Margaret has also qualified as a hypnotherapist (BSY A.M,J.H) which she believes to be very effective in the relief of stress and/or anxiety. Hypnotherapy can also help you if you want to stop smoking or as part of a weight management strategy.

If you would like to know more, please contact Margaret either by telephone or by using the contact form HERE

Margaret teaches a form of yoga called "Yogalats" in which she combines, in a new and beneficial way, the movement and flexibility of traditional Yoga forms with the breathing techniques of both Yoga and Pilates.

Pilates and Yoga compliment one another. Pilates gives you stamina and core strength, Yoga gives you flexibility, and Pranayama. Together they will give you balance, keep you strong and you will stand straight, have perfect posture, be calmer and more relaxed.

Margaret is also trained to offer:

PRE AND POST NATAL   ensuring that you are in in the best of health before delivery and a quick return to full mobility following delivery
PRIVATE CLASSES   one to one tuition and advice
  one to one tuition and advice

Q: I have never done yoga and pilates before in fact I'm quite stiff, can I still do Yogalats ?
A: Yes everyone can do Yogalats. All students are at different levels in their practice and you should only go as far as your body will let you. As you progress you will be able to stretch further and further into each pose ( Asana ). I give instruction for beginners and intermediate students.

pilate & yoga - complimentary disciplines